Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Calais Abscess

They have come by the thousands to Calais.

They have to reach England:

The most wonderful of all things is to acquire: 
the power of the English language.

With it, they will have a chance to take on the world.

This is how it is that they are not interested to settle in France, Belgium, Norway, Denmark or Portugal.

When you deport them back to their country, their country refuses to re-admit them.

So, if they do not, you are saddled with the unwanted.

So how do you solve this problem. Apparently this is one way:

And I have not the foggiest if it will work or not.

What do you think might be a better solution.

Thank God some one keeps a tally

And the tally of terror attacks in Europe is smart and rising:

The Europeans are so PC that they have become good at knuckling under these attacks.

But one of these days . . . !

How simply wonderful

But, the Saud family is very large and there are other princes and their children who are just as good if not better than King Salman's son.

So whilst there is all this show of fealty to the current top dog in the family, the question is how long will it last.

I know of one Prince Bandar, a.k.a. as Bandar Bush who would be an excellent King of Saudi Arabia to the utter rapture of the CIA and the Texas Bush Family.

And he has sons who could be better Crown Princes.

You have to wonder how much he has been paid to go on his knees and pledge loyalty and yet at the same time seething in anger.

You just wait.

Sooner or later, Mt. Vesuvius will blow its top again.

When you read this, you think of China

So, this is what is happening right now in Iran:

This was done to China out of the military victories by the British in its two Opium Wars with China. 

The British designated an Iraqi Jew of the family name of Sassoon to be the sole importer and distributor of opium across all China.

And the sole shipping firm that conveyed the Indian opium to the Sassoon warehouses in China was owned by a New York Italian family whose eldest son, I believe married the sister of President Roosevelt. 

The wealth of the Sassoons and the British were paid well out of Chinese lives.

Now, the wealth of the CIA is paid out of the lives of Iranians.

When the Taliban were in power, the crop of opium came to about 150 tons.

Today, under CIA management the crop of opium is over 4,000 tons.

The CIA has enough drones to know where the poppy fields are in Afghanistan. And to their drones they can place Hellfire missiles that can napalm these poppy fields.

They have been planning to do this over the last 20+ years.

Training they call it

Do you really think this
is just for training?

China wants to be sure it won't get whacked by he/she-that-cannot-be-named

Cuba and Human Rights versus US and Human Rights

Who really is the bad boy on the block?

Read this and find out:

Once, the US was the unimpeachable pure one.

Today, the evidence simply does not support its claims that it can critique other nations.