Thursday, December 1, 2016

American Middle East Foreign Policy - WHO or WHAT DRIVES IT?

Is it the President of the US, its Secretary of State, the US Congress?
The answer here will AMAZE you:

Are you fit to live above the Arctic Circle?

We have a TV series here in Canada about people who live above the Arctic Circle. 
Believe me you certainly can do so and well - if you know how to and you are fit to do so.

So life in London is like life above the Arctic Circle. You have to know how to and you have to be fit to live in this city. You have to be able to engage in its enviroment with the kind of productive skills by which to win from it the calories to live and to create your shelter and wood stove to heat your domicile. It is all out there. But you have to have the wherewithall to get it. If you are not, then this is what happens:

Tony Blair - a quagmire wrapped in an enigma, UNRAVELED!

Here is an interesting expose of THE man:

The largest solar plant 2016

And here it is:

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Amazing good deed/

It tasks people in the West to believe that true socialist economies are able to take their people into prosperity to the degree enjoyed by free market economies. Thus 60 years of Castro's economic socialism cannot compare with the prosperity enjoyed by China's current type of economic socialism that is strongly flavoured with its Western free market economic additives.
Without money, no nation can do anything of significance for the greater common good of its people. It was for this, whilst Mao Zedong knew that China's south was overflowing with good drinking water, her north was parched. So he proposed to shift the water resources of the south to the north. But it was not something that could have been done in his life time . . . certainly not after his catastrophic Great Leap Forward fiasco.
It is now 2016, It is now 46 years after Mao's death. And today his water insight is near fulfillment:

This is an extra-ordinary accomplishment.
Will we, rich with our drinking water resources in the basin of the North American Great Lakes consider helping the parched of the South Western United States. No! We are in fear of our loss of that water which we prefer to allow it to evaporate and to drain away into the St. Lawrence River to the Atlantic Ocean.

Monday, November 14, 2016

A dose of . . .

I grew up in that generation that believed that regular purging of our colon was medically and hygienically good. For this I was given an awful dose of castor oil regularly. I truly remember by utter distaste of it. I will confess - I HATED that dose of castor oil.

Now, the Islamic Jihadist has, for me, morphed into that dose of HATED CASTOR OIL This has become so because of the fear of terror they bring to us. The terror being that they are willing to kill themselves at the same time as they kill us. This in turn has left us with a sense of helplessness. How on earth are you ever going to find and stop a person who is prepared to sit down with you in the foyer of the Plaza Hotel, NYC and then detonates the bomb he has in his belt in order to take me and as many as possible in that location.

Well, one way to short circuit the fear is to remember that in Western tradition when Rome ruled Palestine, such was the distaste of the Jew for the Romans that there unfolded a group of suicidal killers called the sicarri. They were prepared to go into the throng and kill with their small dagger a Roman soldier or a Jewish collaborator.

We forget the Great Jewish Revolt against Rome in 66 - 73 CE that culminated in the suicide pact of Masada. It was an incredible act of courage and determination that can match any Jihadist martyr.

We remember the Crusader army leaving its well watered base at Sepphore and marched to battle with Saladin at the Battle of Hattin. There was a price to pay for leaving their base but with determination and zeal the Crusade arrived at Hattin to engage in the battle to determine the fate of Jerusalem. The point, we want to make is about the courage to die for one'e cause does not only belong to Jihadists. All those Christians that fought to recover the Holy had the determination, focus and courage equal to any Jihadists.

There is nothing to fear about these Jihadists. What they appear to be able to demonstrate was a quality that was already in our forebears and we carry the same, because we have inherited it from them.

The problem is that we have vast resources in energy, jet travel, cruise ships. grains of all kinds, steaks, pork chops, shoulder of lamb, malpeque oysters, Atlantic lobsters and Pacific Dungeness crabs etc, we live a very pampered life style. We have our armies, air-force and navy to do the work for us.

Perhaps one day, things will so change that it will be our turn to fly into Mecca and at one signal 100 of us will detonate ourselves. In just one such strike we will bring their entire Hajj to a full stop.


Sunday, November 13, 2016


I was watching a YouTube video of a debate at the Oxford Union on the question as to whether Islam is a religion of violence or a religion of peace.
I was amazed by the brilliant skill of those who argued for Islam as a religion of love and peace. One, clearly was an avatar of Islam who had the distinction of having graduated from Oxford.

Before I examine this matter, there is something I must put. It is that in any group, there is a COLLECTIVE WISDOM of the group/community or nation. And in a democracy, if there is the person who will raise the banner of A TRUTH that the COLLECTIVE WISDOM is in accord, it will rise to support it. If there is no such person the COLLECTIVE WISDOM will remain quiescent.

There is a distinction of the wonderful and good things that can abstracted from the pages of the Koran that it has to say about itself and its professions; it is not difficult to aggregate them into a linguistic configuration as the witness that it is a religion of love and peace.

Then there is the distinction of the kind of existential manifestations of Islam and by its implication its metamentative well-springs. It is this that the COLLECTIVE WISDOM of Western Nations retain a very guarded disposition towards.

It is for this that the immigration metrics for Muslims into Western Nations has to be as good as they need to be; it is a fact that one Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of IS (Islamic State) has avowed that he will seed his glorious IS fighters into the the body of Syrian refugees. In this way is their entry into the West.

Currently, Western nations are all too aware of their home grown Islamist fundamentalist extremist Jihadist. They are not well disposed to import more of them into their respective country.

Of all the great religions of the world, none of them had their origins of proselytizing their faith by the sword. Islam is the only one. And it did so at the time when the Roman Empire in its morphed form - the Byzantine Empire was in helpless decay and hapless corruption.