Monday, May 15, 2017

What is the legal ground for this?

Even if it is true that Donald Trump has a Nixon improved type of taping conversation in the oval office, what is the enactment in law that says that congress has automatic right of access to them?

But here you are:

This is sad.

Rich nations can fall.

Here is one:

The amazing thing is that Singapore has NO oil at all and it continues on a crest of ongoing prosperity.

It is: 
                how you manage your economy
                whether you are honest
                act lawfully
                being ethical and moral in governance.

It is obvious that Maduro is doing a f _ _ king job magnificently.

Can this be the new Tiger Woods?

Well here is the possible evidence:

Guoliang cliff corridor

By hand they built this cliff road Guoliang cliff corridor:

There are 17 pics.

You will want to go to see it - LIVE. 

After that visit the Great Wall and then city of Xian, the first terminus of the olde Silk Road.


This is a notice that the blogger of this site is leaving on Wednesday to the Annual Conference of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists in Daytona, Florida.

There, they will do their presentation on: 
How to Reverse a Cancer.

After that his wife and he will take one week off at their Daytona Time Share in an ocean front apartment. 

Upon return, then the blogs will begin again.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Chicken

So, here are some ways to do the Chicken:

Now, this is where the excitement and adrenaline is about

Which place will be the financial hub for the New Silk Road - the one on land and the other on sea.

Here is the contest between:

You see, who win is going to enjoy years and years of:

And New York is not even in the equation.

And China did invite the US to co-participate in the Belt and Road Forum. Her belated response was not entirely welcomed.