Thursday, November 16, 2017

In a dictatorship as benign as it has become . . ..

Anything is possible:

Which means China will become the first all-electric automobile nation!

And shares in Tesla will hit the moon.

Even in the Czech Republic it happens!

So, here it is:

And in America it has had Negrophobia since its inception.

And if they have Islamophobia in the Czech Republic, they must have it in the US - MASSIVELY!

This what they say! But can you really trust an Arab?

So here is the verbiage:

Can you really trust a Saudi Arab?

Check your YouTube for how the House of Saud has been and is treating its Princes who do not agree with what their Kings have been and are doing. Check their lying, deceiving and cheating.

Who taught them? The CIA? 

No! It was in them from ancient times.

Islamophobia is on the up in UK

If this is true:
then you are an unwelcome guest in someone's home.

If so, what would you do?

Islam robbed the West of many countries that were Christian - starting with Turkey Palestine, Egypt, Syria, etc.

These unwelcome people in Britain have many wonderful choice places to relocate themselves.

Finland's 2017 trade with China has risen to its highest

When Nokia collapsed it hit the Finnish economy hard.

Now here is the evidence of her recovery:

Again - car rams innocent civilians

If this is not done by a Muslim:
then you got an insane local copycat!

Is US = Afghanistan

Think on this:
US does exactly what Afghanistanis do!

Their respectively well armed citizens kill their citizens:

Do you think this is:
1. A good thing?
2. A kind thing?
3. A sane thing?