Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Responses to irritants

Can anyone tell me what is the point of being an irritant as this:

A fighter can compel such an intruder to land on any number of excuses. And there is nothing the top hegemon can do but to swallow the pill.

I do not want the US to be humiliated.

So, do not put your hand into the tiger's mouth to feel its canines!

If this is true . . .

What do you think will be the significant consequences if this is true and accurate-to-fact:

It means that 1.17 billions of Chinese people will be more informed about the world.

They then can compare what is going on at home and what is taking place in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Currently with Donald at the top, what they are learning about the US will not be compellingly impressive!

Or do you think, I am mistaken!

Over 2 million Chinese leave China every year as tourists.

The amazing thing is that not one has deviated and tried to claim political asylum in the West.

Strangely and oddly they happily trundle back home where there are no political rights and activists are imprisoned and denied fair trail and where Falun Gong is be being persecuted.

What is the answer to this mystery?

Why can't other nations do the same?

On the first past, this is something good to do:

In Africa, the expansion of its human habitat is out of control with significantly bad consequences for its wild life.

Here is a Chinese lesson to learn from and to do. 

We need to be clear in our sight and logic.

There is a wild fear that China is the country that the US needs to take on.

If you really review the stats that are available, the real, true next hegemon, if she is not already the TOP HEGEMON is:

What the US has to be concerned about is that within the European Union the top hegemon is Germany - the mother of WWI, WW II and WW . . . !!!

Germany was devastated and humiliated by the Br. Empire and the US with help from the USSR.

And the USSR was swept by Gorbachev with glasnost and perestroika to adopt Western Liberal Democracy to the wild congratulatory cheers of the US.

But the shift from Centralized Communism to Western Liberal Democracy brought economic ruin, devastation and humiliation upon the USSR. 

For their respective humiliations, do you honestly think that the Germans and the Russians have forgiven the Anglo-Saxons? 

If the European Union and the USSR form an alliance, who will they really want to take on:
India & Nepal or China & Bhutan?

And the US is worried about the Chinese shenanigans in the South China Sea?!




Saturday, July 22, 2017


In the West we have our corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. And we can do nothing about them.

But here in China:

For me this is:


It would be very unhelpful if India and China have slug out match in Sikkim

There is something quite disgusting if India and China really get down to a slug fest:

In a war no one wins.

And in such a war, both will lose.

Poor tubby Nawaz

Here is where is fate is at:

He cannot extricate himself cleanly of his corruption charges.