Thursday, April 27, 2017

If this is true . . . it is obviously based on an American model.

This is sad:
but, what to do.

It has a precedent that set by the US.

Warship hit a cargo ship and . . . !

One of the two sinks. 

And it is:

I could not believe that it would have been the warship.

Clean power - two kinds.

Here are two ways of generating clean power:

One is by windmills. The other is by photo-voltaic cells.

If you have air-craft carriers, you have to have the planes for them. So . . .

So, here it is:

Two for one - a good deal and they claim the already have orders for it.

So, check this:

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What does Israel need this plane for?

Check on this:

Which nation does Israel need this plane for to ensure its survival?

Is anyone aware of any nation in the world that can really take Israel on?

Female circumcision

This operation has been described very clearly in the literature and there is no question that is an abomination of a woman's genitalia.

It is very interesting that this has been proposed:

If he refuses the invitation, it opens the possibility that his Lordship is a hidden Islamist Jihadist.