Sunday, February 26, 2017

CNN and the NYTimes

CNN and the NY Times may now have the fodder to shoot at The Donald:

In my view, it is well within The Donald's power, will and fancy to not attend this event in any year of three remaining years. And he could very well not do so in his second four years. 

This sustained insult upon this collective of media people will totally reduce their egoistic exaltedness. They will have had 8 consecutive dinners without the main on their menu. 

And if they scrap this dinner, do you think The Donald will have a heart attack? 

He would probably immediately put on a white dinner party at the White House for the publishers and editors and wives and significant others of American Newspapers that have been fair in their reporting about him and his actions. 

Don Lemon, for sure, will NOT be invited.

The Western media is not likely to report this.

Here is a royal tour of some significance:

You will have noted amongst the nations he is going to is to China.

This will in effect be a state visit.

So, what do you think will be the in fine print in the trade and peace treaties that King Salman will sign to?

A drill on the Straits pf Hormuz

Well, where is the Straits of Hormuz:

Now you know, and you see Iran on the north facing Qatar of the UAE across these Straits.

In 2015 UAE had population of 5,779,760 of which some 80% were expatriates.

On the other hand, Iran has a population estimate in 2016 of 82.8 million. It has a Army that is battle tested in its war with Iraq, a navy of some significance, a clutch of home developed missile that can reach Israel, an air force of old US phantoms and current Chinese J-17 jets and a nuclear program to develop energy for its people.

Now, this is the question:
Who has effective control 
over this teeny weeny gap of water?

Of course there are some American warships about. 

So . . . ?


well remember the role the journalist Christiane Amanpour took in her reporting of the military conflicts that she was right in the middle of.

She reported the news as they were happening. 

And she then left it to her audience to decide for themselves what they felt about the conflict.

She never opined her morality and values re the combatants and the nature of the conflicts.

Today, especially in CNN, they report, in a sort of way what The Donald is doing; but the reporting journalists cannot desist from opinionating their political take and by implicate extensions their moral evaluations of his actions.

Given that none of them have Doctorals of Divinity in Moral Theology, I do not think it is their job to bias their reporting in this manner. All of them have BA in Broadcasting Journalism . . . and critically NOT from Harvard or Princeton University.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Trump will be hurt by the media in the war between the two.

If it is true that the US media, to wit CNN and NYT can hurt and pull the US Presidency into disgraced ignominy:

what do you think will be the response of the American nation, Democratic and Republican to such an event.

Will the all rise in jubilation and join the elite and attack the Trump Bastille and drag their President to the guillotine?

What do you think?

The air carrier, the Carl Vinson is in the South China Sea.

So, in response, China puts on, formally, a counter attack drill:

However, when you look at it, it is nothing robust and powerful.

So, what is China really trying to tell the US naval visitors in the South China Sea?

Friday, February 24, 2017

Don Lemon versus Donald Trump

Do you think that a fight to the finish between: 
a CNN BA in Broadcast Journalism from for a minor secondary educational institution 
a man with a BSc from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and who has created a fabulous business and from it an incredible financial base and many other things great accomplishments
will end in a triumphant win for The Lemon
a disastrous ignominy for The Donald?

This would be like a boxing match between  me, an 80+ old 201 lb fatso versus Rocky Marciano when he was at his prime. Do know what to be slaughtered really means?

If Don Lemon has even one genuine good friend, then I pray he advise him: