Thursday, January 19, 2017

This head line is rubbish.

Check on this headline and its follow on blurb:

Trade between Britain and the EU is, I believe, estimated annually at seventy billion pounds sterling. 

This is a lot of money, even for the EU to walk away from. So what is the punishment to be?

Interrogating by PhD Psychologist

There is a default assumption that if you have a PhD in Psychology you know how to ask good questions and this is the consequence:

What my wife and I have found is that it really does not matter if you have a:
because the evidence as discovered by NSP is that in life:
                                PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW 

What is a good question? It is a question that can peal open the true nature of a problem.

In 2013, at Daytona was the Annual Conference of International Association of Counselors and Therapists. 2 NSP presenters, to wit my wife and I, offered this topic to the Conference:
Asking Questions?

We had a class of very senior Counselors and Therapists. When the presentation was completed the moment came for the demonstration of:
A Good Question?

This definition was offered re what is a good question? It is one that can peal open the true nature of a problem. A volunteer offered a problem that the had:
I can never finish my morning appointments on time!

It was offered to everyone in the class to come up with their good question. On the first pass, everyone admitted that by the answer they got they could not solve the problem.

So, based on Richard Bandler's Rule of five:
When you fail to do a thing once, it is an event.
                 Twice it is a coincidence.
                 Three times, it is a bad luck.
                 Four times, it is  fate.
                 Five times, it is YOU!

Each in the class was therefore, given four more chances.

None came up with the GOOD QUESTION. Now you can have a go. If you come up with the good question you will know that you can solve the man's problem.

Based on this evidence, all we had to do was to find four consecutive groups of people and find it they can find the GOOD QUESTION for the problem that emerged.

We failed to find any group that could come up with GOOD QUESTION. 

For this, we are sure that:
People simply do not know how to ask GOOD QUESTIONS.

To have to use torture to get a good answer, is the ultimate validation of what we claim here. In any case, by torture the answer you get is simple not trustworthy.

Freight train from Beijing to London

There will probably be no Western Media report on this. However, here is the evidence:

If this train can do this, East to West, you can bet your bottom dollar that it can also go from West to East.

What China really wants is:
(i). a high speed freight train between East and West
(ii). a high speed passenger train between East and West
(iii). a real high end passenger Orient Express where ladies dine in their finest gowns and men in black tie - every evening from London to Paris to Muich to Frankfurt to Budapest to Istanbul and all stop to Beijing.
(iv). side rail tracks south to Middle East, South Asia and north across Siberia to join the Trans Siberian Railway
(iv). a high 8 lane highway that parallels the train tracks between East and West

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


The cube of rotund expansion in an African ruler physical body is proportional to the cube of his kleptocracy:

And when his country is starving or in $ difficulties we, hastily and with deep concern, send our $ aid directly to him so that he can harvest our $ into his Swiss bank account - as it was in the old days. Today, it probably will be squirreled into a Bahamas or Turks and Caicos bank account.

Institution of State

In the US, the highest Institution of State is the Presidency of the US. For congressmen to not attend the inauguration of Trump is an intended insult to him and by extension an insult to this highest State Institution of the US.


regardless of the motives of the Senators.

F-35 in Japan

The F-35 is the worlds costliest jet; and many in the world were wondering who was pilfering the money from the cost overruns. 

At last, it seems it is operational. Now:
and you wonder how much it makes the US feel safer.

If it does not achieve this outcome, then what on earth are the stationed in Japan to the cost of the US taxpayer?

As a US taxpayer who is reading this blog:

Sea Ice

The St. Lawrence River is iced in winter right to its estuary.

China's latitudes are relative to us very far south. Yet:

So, I will have to check where is this bay.