Saturday, September 23, 2017

Good and evil

It it is the insight of the late Joseph Campbell that in Eternity, everything is a Unity; and whatever from Eternity comes into the Einsteinian reality of the space/continuum, it enters into the reality of opposites. For this it will split into its natural opposites. It is for this we have:
                                 Good versus Evil
                                  Love versus Hate
                            Kindness versus Cruelty
                          Generosity versus Selfishness
                                  Peace versus War
So consider this:

The question is a very simple one. We have the death of these 2,617 persons. Was it a good thing?
If you answer no, then by the logic of the Reality of Opposites, it was an EVIL thing.

NO! It was not collateral damage. And if it was collateral damage it was EVIL collateral damage.
Much EVIL is done today and they all have some veil over that detract TRUTH because TRUTH is a very difficult to swallow.
But difficult as it is, it is time that we learn to swallow of TRUTH.
Donald Trump is a good President.
Is this statement a good statement of truth about him.
If it is not, he is EVIL. And if he is, we have yet to see and feel the flush of wickedness that is yet to come from him.

From an export based economy to a domestic consumption based economy

China has never kept it a secret. 
She wants to copy the US and convert its economy into a domestic based one.
With an internal market 1.3 trillion she really is not dependent on any nation, group or nations or free trade areas for her future increase in wealth.
And this:
will humongously facilitate this.
However, it is interesting that she is interested to retain a healthy export industrial base in its Belt and Road initiative.

Monday, September 18, 2017

What to do?

Here is some mercurial UK politician:

You really have to wonder if he suffers from sort of mental disorder?

The Law versus justice

I think if you read in between the lines that this judge did err:

I am sure the girlfriend/receptionist played a significant part in the bloom of Mr. Durant's business.

Who would be the top nation.

Regardless of who might win the top slot:

the US will not win it even though of all the health care systems in the world it is:

This is nonsense

The budget of the UN is just about what it cost city of NYC to pay for its fire service:

The problem with the UN is that it is very tight club of US, UK and France who are running it.

The problem with UK and France being the top boys at the US is that their respective GDPs is below that of the city of China once known as Canton.

It is this structure of the UN that has to change.

This is a potential tragedy

Here is a voice of concern:

If the origins of Florida is a contradiction, i.e. to exploit swamp land, then the contradiction will will out in the end.

However, if added to this it is in the way of a rising ocean, then we are looking at a potential tragedy.

The only to save Florida is to ask the Dutch to come and help. 

Holland has found the way to be in spite of the fact that if its dykes are breached more than half the country will underwater.