Thursday, March 15, 2018

The most populated isle in the world!

Here it is:
What puzzles me is the infrastructure relating to sewage, garbage, fresh water, electricity and gas.

How do they do it?

Any ideas?

Here is the proof!

For $10,000/- a PC can print you a viable living home:

Here are some predictions from Stephan Hawking

Here are some predictions from a man who at 21 was told he would die at 24 but lived to 75.
Once a mediocre student when he was given his medical death sentence did a volte-face and became an intellectual giant in the world of High Physics.
Once into the life of cripple he soared to a life that is the living icon of human fortitude, stoicism, strength and power and he will thus be remembered as long as humankind survives.
Here are his predictions: 

Today, not everything of significance and importance is in the west

Just consider this event:
If what is implied her the trade consequences would rush up into the billions and eventually into the trillions.

Xinjiang Province and Water

Once, this province was extremely short of water.
Now things have change for Xinjiang because of the three billion dollar project to send water from the south to Xinjiang:

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

More about the book.

The reviews given to the book are of such a quality and nature that they completely overwhelmed us and left us utterly humbled.

It is therefore by these reviews that the merit, value and worth of the book speaks for itself.

If you get it and read it, then you will know-in-experience its true merit, value, worth and utility in your life. We do not have to promote it. 

However, marketing is a very different problem; and we have no experience of it.

So what can we do but to ask you if you will share with your family, friends, colleagues and co-professionals about the existence of our book.

For this:
Thank you. 

About the book?

At this very instant as you read this, you are in state of being. Do you know how you came by this state of being?

And this is the difference. We all know how to be at a family gathering, a cocktail party, a drink at a pub with some friends and at a picnic. What we do NOT know is how we know to be the way in all the varied contexts of our lives.

Now if there is a person who knows how you know to be, he obviously will be powerfully ahead of the curve of YOU. And now he is potentially in control of YOU.

This question: Do you know how another knows to be is a very critically powerful and significant question. Whoever who can answer in the affirmative: I know how another knows to be - a nail biter, a Wall St kleptomaniac, a schizoid, a bully, a thug can either help him or leave him to rot.

This is the new field of study that we have discovered. It is known as: 
in honour of the Ancient Greeks who signposted to us the direction of research that led to its discovery.

In the English vernacular it is known as:
Neuro-Semantic Programming.