Monday, August 14, 2017


We live unaware of how tenuous our fate is on this planet.

We are beings with our unique biofields. Its proof is the colour photograph that we can take of its aura.

It is in our biofield is the body of our information and knowledge. It is because the biofield has a torsion to it that our information and knowledge is in a rotational movement. This movement is the evidence that our information and knowledge is alive. Just knock on piece of wood now. Here the noise. Well that noise tells you that the piece of wood is dead.

As sentient entities we can evolve. If our biofield rotates in a positive direction we can develop, grow and evolve in a positive direction. However, it its spin is in a negative direction we will not grow but stultify, regress and de-evolve into savages.

Our evolution is a product of the battle between the good information and knowledge versus the evil information and knowledge in us. This is a necessary battle because it is out of this can we get new and better knowledge - if the direction of our torsion field is in a positive direction and above all if we have love as the critical component to help the good information and knowledge in us.

If despite the good information and love and the spin is in a positive direction, the evil in us wins, then we will stultify, regress and de-evolve.

Today, as per the lecture by Graham Hancock, the evil side of us is winning. He quotes from the ancients that by the evil in us winning, we are right attracting to us the possibility of a cataclysm.

It may be man-made - a nuclear winter with the near extinction of the entire human race. Or it could be some geological cataclysm that will see the end of civilization as we know it. Or it could be a cosmic disaster that befalls us. Right at this moment the path of the earth has a trajectory intersecting with the path of the Taurid asteroids. Who is to say that their may not be a 1000 mile asteroid that we are attracting because our evil ways; and it will smash into us.

There will be some survivors, a few here and a few there. Their survival and future will depend of the those who are either in Shambala or Agarti who will awaken and come back to help these survivors. Under their guidance they will have to begin all over again.

From the sheer trauma of the cataclysmic event, they will only have vague memories of us, if at all. All records of us would have been washed away or were incinerated.

So, pray that the majority of humanity will have the torsion in their biofields will spin in a positive direction and that the greater number of us are good, with love, free of envy and greed and wild egotistical exaltedness but instead are humble, kind, caring and respectful of others and of our past traditions and concepts of morality and ethics.

Friday, August 11, 2017

A bridge between China and Russia

This going to be some link:

Who will benefit?

The Russians needs people who will taxes in one form or another.

And there are enough of them who will be eager for a tourist hop to look see and come home.

They really have no real interest to stay and freeze for nine months of the year.

And for the Russians there is all the attraction of a warmer south to go to and stay.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Is this threat realistically possible-in-actuality.,

Well, do you think this actually possible for the top hegemon to do - SUCCESSFULLY:

To execute it will mean a:
Land war in Asia.

And this is the one thing that the Pentagon is dead against because it is in fact:

The US led the UN force in the Korean War and could not win it.

It had its fling in Vietnam and it certainly did not win that war.

It could win the 2001 Afghanistan War even by outsourcing it to NATO.

It certainly did not win the 2003 War on Weapons of Mass Destruction.

It was only triumphant in Grenada and Panama.

It was shamed in its military doings in Nicaragua under Ollie North.

All in all, the Pentagon top brass is right on! 


Power of Nature

This is quite a picture.

On quake and half a road is gone:

Sunday, August 6, 2017

I cannot but feel sorry for Prince Charles!

I will feel this way for him because of this:

In his day, he was MR. CRICKET and a wonder to see in action.

And now there is this:

In this age of PC a text message is deemed sexual abuse.

If this is so, sexual abuse itself has to move up to the next rung. It is rape.

And rape itself has to move up to a still higher rung. The only thing we can think of is a 20 man gang rape of a group of 5 virgins.

Now if it is such an event, then what is a 20 man gang rape of five virgins.  Honestly we do not know. Perhaps you might be able to TELL ME WHAT IT IS.

This problem had better smooth over and calm down.

As the Chinese up their voice re the events at Doklam:
there will be one voice that when it speaks it and the Indians refuse to acknowledge, there will be such a loss of face that that voice will have no choice but to OK the Chinese army to be savages.

They will cross over.

When they do the Indian troops will immediately become savages.

Each side will want to kill as many as the other side has to offer.

It will be a great opportunity for China to test their military hardware in the actual field of battle.

Now if the Indians can whack the Chinese, will China go onto its knees and say "Sorry!"

If the Chinese crush the Indians, then China will immediately call a halt to savagery and ask for some form of armistice.

So, all that loss of life . . . WHAT WAS IT ALL FOR?

This is how it is that for us WAR is insane fruity,