Saturday, September 24, 2016

When the richest cannot pay their bills!

Gosh, you ain't gonna believe this:

But now that you have read it, you can have a moment of schadenfreude.
What is schadenfreude? It is to take pleasure and joy at the suffering of the other who has always deserved it but never got it . . . but now is right in the middle of it.

If any of you from the IC of the US has hacked into this blog, please do me the favour and pass this onto the Bush family as I do not have their telephone, email or postal address.
The will really feel bad that their Wahabi chums are in as much $$$$$$ trouble as they are.

How the great, the rich and the exalted are being shaken.Now

No, we are not talking about the likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or the Aga Khan.
Read this and you will know who we are referring to:

We know the links between the Bush family and the Saudi Royal Family.
For any IC section of the US that has hacked into my blog, you best pass the message up to the top that the Bush family has not served well the interest of any poor African American man by their LOVE-LINK with the Saudi Royals.
The benefited from it has been for them. Can you name me one poor African American or one poor person who would be classed as white thrash who has benefited from this love-in relationship?
Both the poor African American and the poor white thrash continue to live on the edge of poverty and no insurance health coverage, poor schooling and zero opportunities to fulfill the so-called American Dream. 
Pass this onto the top. It is all:

Monday, September 19, 2016

New York City, Chelsea explosion.

Yesterday 2016. 09 18, a "bomb" went off in the Chelsea district of NYC.
Did you notice the tsunami of agents and investigators that poured into that crime scene.

When the World Trade Center Towers I and II came down followed by Building 7, did you not realize that there was never any agents or investigators that visited that crime scene.
In fact, what you saw was a humongous cover up by Mayor Rudolph William Louis Giuliani through his incredible impatient haste in clearing the entire crime scene with as much lightning speed he could muster.

Those of you in the IC of the US who have hacked into this blog, pass the item up to your top brass and urge them to file a criminal investigation on Giuliani for Obstruction of Justice and what ever other infringement of the Law he can be hung with.

Thursday, September 15, 2016


It was the ancient Greek philosophers who began the exploration of how a person knows to be.
This field of study the named Ontology.
However, they had the sight to see if this was the only faculty the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus gave a human being, then all he would do was to sit on his fat ass, fancying and fantasizing how it would be to ride the heavens like Apollo on his fiery chariot across the sky, to like Zeus in his duplicitous transformation by which he could seduce any maiden of his choice into amorous intimacy or how it would be like Darius, Emperor of the Persian Empire and so forth. 
The ancient Greek Philosophers concluded that the Gods and Goddesses had to confer on human being the added faculty of:
By this meta faculty he would set forth into life to express his kind of being that he would know to be in order to get what he wanted by which to earn his way and this live the life he desired.
We then came along and wondered if it was at all possible for us:
to know how another knows-to-know-to-be. 
This is a completely new field of study which we name initially  Neuro-Semantic Programming, NSP.
Today, we know that we can honour our ancient forebears in this domain of study and give to it its proper Greek name:
And NSP now knows to be a truly effect NSP therapist in which you can CURE people of their problem conditions, you have to be an expert in EPIEPISTEMOLOGY,  a.k.a. Certificant NSP Therapist.
The first premier work will be published sometime in October 2016. Its title is:
Neuro-Semantic Programming, NSP, 

Here is another turn of the US screw using FEAR to generate possible BLAMEH

Here is where if you give into the FEAR you will be estranged from reality and the facts of reality. 
It concerns this matter of the proposed Chinese Maritime Silk Road:

The top hegemon of the world, the US, is supposed to be the top capitalistic nation. And CAPITALISM  is all about competition.
If this Chinese Maritime Silk Highway of the seas is open, NSP suggests that every maritime nation jump on board and COMPETE. 

So, where is all this fear and bull shit coming from and for what purpose but to increase the sale of Valium to calm your fears.

If anyone in the US IC has hacked into this, for God sake, pass this message up to your masters and tell them to wake up and rejoice because COMMUNIST CHINA is asking you to see if you can WHACK it with old style CAPITALISTIC COMPETITIVE METHODS?


So, here is put an alt approach in the nuke conflict that the US has with N. Korea:

This is in the view of NSP is a far better approach.

NB Those of you in the US IC has hacked into this site, please promptly pass the message on to your higher authorities.

The US finger of BLAME

In NSP, blaming by definition is self-exoneration of one's responsibility on another. 
Alas the US is the worlds top hegemonic expert at this game and in the past has held other nations in terror. In turn this makes the US the number one psycho-terrorist of the world.
But, there are nations who will not bend over and accept the US finger up their fully loaded feacal ano-rectal canal:

Think about it, when the US pulls its finger out, it will be draped in shit.

Those of you in the Intelligence Community of the US who have hacked this, please pass the point up to the top people that:

And when you pull your finger out of the other's arse, your finger is draped in his shit.