Thursday, October 20, 2016

A new HEADACHE for the US

Of course the US is the MILITARY NUMERO UNO of the skies.

However, when you something like this:
you can see the invective, venom and malicious truths from the US describing how China stole the technology for this new plane from them.

Any one from the US IC hacked into my blog, you better get the US anti-China propaganda unit to whack the Chinese for thieving high US tech info for this new Chinese plane. We cannot let the Chinks get away with this.

Monday, October 17, 2016

I confirmed what you knew and here is the most up to date info.

The US B&B war in Afghanistan after 15+years is still on.

In this news story, the US drone could not distinguish if the men on the ground were Taliban or if they were Afghan soldiers. The US trains these Afghan soldiers and they take to the field and they have no way of communicating with HQ that they are where they are?

So to do the point, the waste one Hell Fire missile in the next field to let those men know that the US has arrived. And that missile cost the American taxpayer $70,000.00!

I wonder how they will do the accounting for such waste. And if the US military waste in this manner in their unwinnable war in Afghanistan, you wonder what kinds of other wastage they engage in.

If what I say here is true-to-fact, that this US war in Afghanistan is unwinnable, as it was for the British once and then the Russians, what on earth is the US continuing this war for?

You can see India, Pakistan and China all covering their faces with their hands as beneath it they are grinning with the schadenfreude befitting the abyss America finds herself in Afghanistan.

Anyone in the US IC has successfully hacked into my blog, please note the wisdom of my words and pass straight up to your political masters. It is a matter of urgency to extract the US out of this unwinnable war. Even you can see it must not go on for the sake of American tax dollars.

GOSH! I bet you did not know this!

You may remember that recently I blogged the argument that the US had to be the biggest currency manipulator because of its incredible debt load.
In fact it is said that if the Chair of the Fed raised interest 2%, the interest payment that the US would have to do would break the US economy.

So, you and I must be amazed by this:

Like me, you instantly wondered:

The only comparable analogy as to what is happening is equivalent to ye olde time NYC mafia don singing pious hymns and praises to the life of Mother Theresa.


It was Alfred Korzybski who noted in his work, Science and Sanity, of the untold millions upon millions whose lives are each day dedicated to the ends of avoidance of hunger and thirst and whose children are doom to the same treadmill, generation upon generation.
Poverty is a product of the man's creation. If the above is a natural disaster, there is nothing you can do about it, such a massive drought that afflicts the geographical area of a nation.
For this China has addressed this problem with commendable success. It has lifted 60+% of their people off this dreadful treadmill. However it has come to a critical end phase of completing this goal:

The business of Western aid to poor countries has now been confirmed that the Lord and Masters of these unfortunate nations do not distribute the aid to their poor. What they do is to pocket the money that the West gives them for their shopping trips in Milan and Rome, Italy and to NYC and Orlando, USA. They have no interest in their poor!

Anyone from the US IC who has hacked into this blog, please tell your higher superiors tr the above observation; and guide them to guide their political masters to stop US foreign aid to crooks, thieves, fraudsters. 
These same political masters gave the equivalent of staggering amounts of foreign aid to bank crooks, thieves and fraudsters in the 2006 World Financial Collapse following the Real Estate Bubble popping in the US.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Behold S = k log w

For the cognoscenti, they will know the above is the Law of Entropy.
So, but for the 4/5 who "seem" to have done well, for the rest you are the witness of the inevitable derivatives of this Law:

With time, inevitably and inexorably the condition will worsen until:

Here is the proof of the argument that politicians of the West are BUS

Here it is:

When you think of it, do we really need them to run our lives and especially to run us into debt and various other kinds of unspeakable messes.

BREATHE - it does not exist today

If this thing was alive and in abundant numbers in the sea:
many would think twice before they go deep seek diving.